Handycrates is the top crate rental service in the UK

We serve businesses and home owners providing next day crate hire all over the UK. Whether you are in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham or Exeter, we are always ready to provide. We scout the market and we always provide excellent services that ultimately provide 100% customer's satisfaction.

Quick DeliveryUrgent jobs are easy to take care of. Every crate, ordered before 4:30pm, will be delivered the next day!
Variety of CratesWith us you choose the type of crate you want - the crate that will serve you just right.
Easy to OrderHire as many crates as you need online with just a few easy steps.
Pay by Card or PayPalWe accept debit/credit card payments. You can also pay by PayPal.
Guaranteed safetyYour items will be safe and secure.
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Why our crates?

With Handy Crate you simply get the best crates in the UK - we make transporting items easy, no matter the item. Getting your things from point A to point B is simply another day in our lives. And when the crate is all done ... we take it for recycling! That's right - we only use Eco-friendly tools to help you.

The crates you get from us will be durable, waterproof, as waterproof as possible, and user-friendly.

They are easy to stack, easy to place, easy to use.

We have crates in a variety of shapes and sizes as there are different customer needs.

We can cater to all your removals and storage needs. Unlike cardboard boxes, crates won't split or damage your items. We make sure that whatever is kept inside the crates is safe.

Our reputation is unmatched

customer satisfaction

Handy Crates is a well-reputed company which makes it a point to provide 100% customer satisfaction with every job.

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As a long-standing environmentally friendly company, we make sure that businesses are able to transport tools, documents, and everything else with ease. You ask for the service, we bring the quality. This is how we work and this is how we build our reputation - and it will be the method to make you a happy customer.

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for business

We are in good terms with a lot of major companies around the UK because of our express and expert services and we are always open for business. Whenever you need help - whether physical or informational, we will be able to provide it.

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